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Supporting Documents for Implementation

Supporting Documents for Implementation

CDC provides documents to assist with implementing HL7 message mapping guides and sending case notifications to NNDSS.

FAQs about implementing the “Country of Usual Residence” data element This document includes guidance for implementing the “Country of Usual Residence” data element in HL7 case notifications.
Methods for Conveying Unknown Values in Case Notification Guidelines that address the methods for data transmission in HL7 messages when the information is collected in the surveillance system
Generic Data Elements that Define a Unique Case (7/7/2017) Information for NNDSS reporting jurisdictions about which data elements in the Generic v2.0 MMG cannot change for a case because they are used to define a unique case in the CDC MVPS for HL7 case notifications
Laboratory Template (5/11/2018) This document includes the data elements for the “Laboratory Repeating Group” in the Message Mapping Guides.
PHIN Messaging Specification for Case Notification v3.1.1 This document, released for use starting in 2019, outlines the specifications to accommodate sending the Generic and disease-specific MMGs (e.g., hepatitis, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.). Version 3.1.1 updates hyperlinks to align with 2021 NNDSS website updates.